Denver D Album Launch Photo

“Life After Sticky” [ARTICLE]

Denver D Album Launch Photo

Following the death of Uzziah ‘Sticky’ Thompson, one of Jamaica’s most well-known percussionists, Feluké was interviewed about working with Sticky and what the industry is like for percussionists currently.

Denver Smith, maybe the best known of the new wave of reggae percussionists, hailed Thompson as “the mystical percussionist”.

According to Smith: “He was just different and always made me want to listen, watch, and learn without him having to say much. He only gave me a smile here and there, until that day when we ended up in the same room to work on Mind Control, Stephen Marley’s Grammy-winning acoustic album. It was then that he gave me his blessing as a real percussionist with a few words and a smile when he heard something he liked.”

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